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How it Works

Getting the right Medicare billing codes and the right amount has never been easier!

Sign up for a FREE trial and become a member. Once you register on our site, we know the right pricing based on your zip code.

When you receive a UB-04 or 1500 claim form, simply enter the codes in question into our claims analysis tool.

We generate a report as to whether that code is bundled to the SNF or not.

If it is bundled to the SNF, the report tells you the Medicare allowable amount for that code.

Print the results to demonstrate what should be paid to the vendor.

It's really that simple!


Our proprietary claim editing system runs over 30 individual edits on each claim in order to determine whether each line is bundled or non-bundled.

You can easily look up any Medicare Fee Schedule on our site.

We have an in-depth resource center covering an array of topics. This section includes medical forms and under agreement contracts that you can use, as well as the latest news from CMS.


We will save you time and money by providing you with the information you need instantly.

Save reports for future use, print them out in support of your billing.