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If you provide services to a Medicare Part A beneficiary, then we can save you money.

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SNFCB has analyzed over 1,104,969 Medicare Claims worth $284,050,841
  • Save money by knowing what codes are bundled & the Medicare allowable amount.
  • Save time, avoiding multiple links & find everything you need in one place.
  • We run over 30 specific code edits on each claim to determine whether CMS considers the code bundled to the SNF.
  • Our database includes over 16,000 Medicare billing codes and whether they are bundled to the SNF.
  • Our reports tell you Medicare allowable amount to pay based on your zip code for Medicare reimbursement.
  • We include Fees from ALL CMS applicable fee schedules including physician, ambulance, DMEPOS, Drug, Laboratory, PEN, Splings and Hospital Outpatient.
  • 2,689 locations (and growing!) rely on to determine proper bundling to the skilled nursing facility.
  • 96% of our users renew their annual memberships.
  • Members include SNF's, Cancer Centers, Clinics, Hospitals, DME Suppliers, Labs, Medical Suppliers, Pharmacies and more.
  • We include Carrier priced codes for those carriers that report prices.
  • Easy to look up all Medicare Fee Schedules from one location.
  • RSS feeds for up-to-date news.
  • Access to CBSI Knowledge Base.
  • CMS transmittals with search functionality.
  • Save all your reports for future use.
The best thing about is its accuracy. The site tells you what to pay and what we're not responsible to pay and why. We are processing claims much, much faster now.
Walt Eyler
Business Office Manager
Baycrest Village