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Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare Billing Codes, Fee Schedules, HCPCS codes… We've got you covered.

Q. Where do you obtain information on what is bundled to the SNF?

We monitor all CMS alerts and make a determination based on many factors as to whether a specific code is bundled to the SNF or not. In addition, we monitor CMS updates and research codes that our customers believe show up incorrectly. Please let us know if you believe a code is reported incorrectly.

Q. Do you update whether a code is bundled to the SNF or not?

Yes. We monitor CMS change requests, quarterly updates as well as customer comments. When we change a code in our system, we write a comment that prints as a report footer indicating when the change was made and why.

Q. How often are the codes and prices updated?

We update prices as CMS releases updated pricing information. This is at least annually for most fee schedules. Some fee schedules such as drugs are updated quarterly. On occasion, CMS releases pricing updated or corrections more often than quarterly. We update these prices on a monthly basis.

Q. We have more than one facility; can we subscribe once and share our subscription?

No. Sharing subscriptions is a violation of our terms of service and will result in the cancellation of your subscription. offers corporate discounts for multiple facilities. Please call for corporate pricing.

Q. What is your privacy policy?

We will not sell, rent, loan or give your personal information to anyone at anytime. Your information will only be used within Consolidated Billing Services, Inc., which owns Our formal privacy is avaliable at the bottom of the home page.

Q. Can more than one person use my password?

No. Our terms of service for membership prohibit use of your login by any other person, unless you have added user licenses for each user to your account.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

In accordance with our terms of service, we do not refund any unused portion of your membership.

Q. Why is my email address required?

In order to increase security, our new site uses the email address as your user name. For our existing clients; please login using your old user name and password. Our validation process will ask you to update your user information including your email. Please assure your email address is correct. Our systems sends a validation email and only after that email is received and validated will access be granted to the new site. Please contact tech support with questions.

Q. What happens if we purchase a home later and need to add it to our account?

You have two options: 1.You can upgrade your account and enter in all the information, and our system will prorate it for you or 2. You can make a support ticket and send us the information and we can add it for you and we still prorate it.